Snow Days

Is there bus service when the roads are snowy or icy?

​​Buses may be delayed or detoured when the roads get icy. If you have an X (formerly Twitter) account, you can follow us @ridewta. You can also track your bus in real time with BusTracker. Or you can give us at (360) 676-7433.

Look for this snowflake icon at your bus stop. It will appear in the frame containing the posted schedule. At stops marked with this snowflake, including but not limited to the stops below, the bus will not stop during snowy or icy road conditions. Please go to the nearest stop without a snowflake icon.​​​

​​​533 Yew St

Yew at Princeton

Yew at 900 block

Yew at San Juan

Yew at Woodbine

Yew at Democrat

​​1 Downtown

State at S Hill Apts

State at Cedar

State at Pine

512 Sudden Valley

​Lk Louise Rd at Nature Reserve

​Lk Louise Rd at Gate 13

​Lk Louise Rd at Gate 9

​Lk Louise Rd at Gate 5

​​27 Ferndale

​Church at Crestline



​​72X Kendall

​Santa Fe at Apache

​​​​​​​232 Cordata/WCC

Northwest at Sterling

​​540 Sunset

​Alabama at Erie Terrace

​Alabama at Vining

​McLeod at Squalicum H.S.

​Magrath at Welling

Britton at Barkley