Single Ride

​Fixed Routes (except 80X)​​​​$1
​Route 80X between two counties
​​​​Route 80X within one county​$1
​​​Ages 7 and younger​Free



Fixed Routes (except 80X)$0.50
​Route 80X between two counties$1
Route 80X within one county$0.50

​Some notes about fares:

  • Reduced fares are for seniors, veterans and riders with disabilities. Click here​ for more information.​
  • Riders who are eligible for paratransit can get a Free on Fixed Route Card. With this card, paratransit riders can ride fixed route buses for free. Available at Bellingham Station and WTA's office​.  Not valid on Route 80X.
  • We accept tokens on all of our buses, except on Route 80X and Zone Service. Call (360) 676-7433 for more information on how to get them.
  • Operators and fare boxes do not make change.​ You need exactly $1 per ride, $3 to purchase your Day Pass,  or $6 to purchase your Skagit-Whatcom Day Pass.