County Connector

What is the County Connector?

​We partner with Skagit Transit and Island Transit​ to provide a public transportation connection between the communities of Bellingham, Burlington, Mt. Vernon, Oak Harbor, Stanwood and Everett. 

Single Ride
​Route 80X between two counties
Route 80X between one county​$1
​​Ages 18 and youngerFree


Skagit-Whatcom Day Pass$6
County Co​nnect​​or 31-d​ay Pass$50
Youth/Student/Reduced County Connector 31-day Pass$25
​Gold Card​Free
​WWU Student Pass​​Info​​​

What’s different about a County Connector 31-day pass?

With the County Connector 31-day pass, you can ride all WTA and Skagit Transit routes, including Route 80X​ and 90X.  Route 80X runs between Bellingham and Mt. Vernon. Route 90X runs between Mt. Vernon and Everett Station.

​Another difference the “rolling start.” This means you get 31 days of unlimited rides—starting the first time you use your pass and ending at midnight on the 31st day.

What’s different about a Skagit-Whatcom Day Pass?

With the Skagit-Whatcom Day Pass, you can ride Route 80X, plus all WTA and Skagit Transit routes.

Are regular WTA or Skagit Transit Day Passes accepted on Route 80X?

No. The only acceptable fares on Route 80X are cash, the Skagit-Whatcom Day Pass, County Connector 31-day passes, Gold Cards, Youth Cards, Free on Fixed Route Cards, WWU passes, WWU Staff and Faculty passes, Whatcom Community College passes and Skagit Valley College passes.

Are these fares valid for all County Connector buses?

No. These fares are for WTA buses only. Visit the websites of Skagit Transit and Island Transit​​ to view their fare information.

Some notes about County Connector fares:​

  • These are the only forms of payment accepted on Route 80X:
    • ​Cash
    • Skagit-Whatcom Day passes
    • County Connector passes
    • Gold Cards
    • Youth Cards
    • Free on Fixed Route Cards
    • Western Washington University passes
    • Skagit Valley College passes
    • Whatcom Community College passes
    • Your Umo Card or Mobile App*​

      *When you load stored value onto your Umo Card or Mobile App, you can pay your fare on both WTA and Skagit Transit buses, anywhere they travel. ​

  • ​The Skagit-Whatcom Day Pass is accepted for local service on both WTA and Skagit Transit, as well as Route 80X and Skagit's Route 90X​.​ ​​​ ​
  • County Connector 31-day passes are accepted for local service on both WTA and Skagit Transit, as well as Route 80​X​ and Skagit's Route 90X​.​ ​
  • ​​Students are riders enrolled at a college, university or vocational school physically located in Whatcom or Skagit County. Student passes require a valid student ID to purchase.​​​ 
  • Reduced fares are for seniors, veterans and riders with disabilites. Click here​ for more information.​
  • Paratransit Passes on File are not valid on Route 80X.