​Day P​ass​​​​$3
​Skagit-W​ha​​tcom Day Pass
31-Day Pass​$2​5
​County Connector 31-D​ay Pass$50​
​92-Day Pass​$70​
​​Gold Card​​​Free​​​​​



​​Youth & Students
31-Day Pass $15
County Connector 31-d​ay Pass $25
92-Day Pass $40​
​WWU Student Pass Info
WCC Studen​t Pass Info


Reduc​ed​ Fare
"Select" 31-Day Pass$13
County Co​nnect​​or 31-D​ay Pass$25
"Select" 92-Day Pass$35

​​Some notes about passes:

  • Reduced fares and "Select" passes are for seniors, veterans and riders with disabilites. Click here​ for more information.​
  • ​Youth are riders age 8 through 18. Youth passes may require proof of age to purchase.​
  • ​​Students are riders enrolled at a college, university or vocational school physically located in Whatcom or Skagit County. Student passes require a valid student ID to purchase.​​​ 
  • Ages 7 and younger ride for free.​ 
  • ​A Day Pass is good for unlimited rides until midnight on the day it is used.​ Only available for purchase on the bus. 
  • The Skagit-Whatcom Day Pass is accepted for local service on both WTA and Skagit Transit, as well as Route 80X. It is not valid on Skagit's Route 90X​
  • WTA 31-Day and 92-Day Passes are not valid on Route 80X.​ 
  • ​County Connector 31-day passes are accepted for local service on both WTA and Skagit Transit, as well as Route 80​X and Skagit's Route 90X​.​ 
  • Bus passes are non-transferable and non refundable.​ 
  • WTA 31-Day and 92-Day Passes are not valid on paratransit.