Single Ride

​Fixed Routes (except 80X)​​​​$1
​Route 80X between two counties
​​​​Route 80X within one county​$1



Fixed Routes (except 80X)$0.50
​Route 80X between two counties$1
Route 80X within one county$0.50

​*Free Fares for Youth​

Youth are riders 18 and under, or currently enrolled in high school.​

If you're not yet in high school, you can just step on and ride. You don't need a bus pass of any kind.

If you're high school aged, you will need a FREE Umo Youth Pass

You can pick up your free Umo Youth Pass at WTA's Bellingham Station. Please bring proof of your age, or your current school ID. Or, you can request a card by sending an email from your school email address to Provide your first name, last name, full birth date and current grade.

Students at High Schools in Bellingham can pick up their Youth Cards at school. 

Note: Youth Ride Free is not valid on Route 80X to Mount Vernon. ​

Some notes about fares:

  • Reduced fares are for seniors, veterans and riders with disabilities. Click here​ for more information.​
  • Riders who are eligible for paratransit can get a Free on Fixed Route Card. With this card, paratransit riders can ride fixed route buses for free. Available at Bellingham Station and WTA's office​.  Not valid on Route 80X.
  • We accept tokens on all of our buses, except on Route 80X and Zone Service. Call (360) 676-7433 for more information on how to get them.
  • Operators and fare boxes do not make change.​ You need exactly $1 per ride, $3 to purchase your Day Pass, or $6 to purchase your Skagit-Whatcom Day Pass.​