Reduced Fare or Select

Regional Reduced Fare Permits

Seniors and riders with disabilities can get a Regional Reduced Fare Permit, valid throughout the Puget Sound.  Riders who show this card upon boarding can pay a reduced cash fare on WTA fixed route buses (as well as on buses operated by over ten other transit agencies in the region.)

Anyone who presents proof of one of the following can get a Regional Reduced Fare Permit.

Permanent Permit

  • Is at least 65 years of age.
  • Is now certified by the Veterans Administration at a 40 percent or greater disability level.  NOTE: veterans with 39% or less disability level are eligible for WTA's Veteran Card, which is valid for reduced fares on WTA buses, and for reduced fare bus passes.

Temporary Permit

  • Is now eligible for Social Security disability benefits or now gets Supplemental Security Income Benefits because of disability. (Applicant must show current award letter.)
  • Has a valid Medicare card issued by the Social Security Administration.
  • Has a valid ADA Paratransit eligibility letter or card from outside the region.
  • Is currently participating in a vocational career program with the Washington State Individual Education Program.
  • Has a Washington Department of Licensing issued disabled parking identification in conjunction with a government issued photo identification.

Permanent or Temporary (case-by-case)

  • Has a valid Regional ADA Paratransit card.
  • Has obvious physical impairments meeting one or more of the Regional Reduced Fare Permit Eligibility Criteria.
  • Is certified by a Washington State-licensed physician (M.D.), psychiatrist, psychologist (Ph.D.), Physician Assistant (P.A.), Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (A.R.N.P.), or audiologist (certified by the American Speech and Hearing Association) as meeting one or more of the RRFP Eligibility Criteria.

    A special Personal Care Attendant (PCA) Regional Reduced Fare Permit is available for people who require a PCA to help them travel all or some of the time.

For an application, call (360) 676-7433, visit the Customer Service Lobby at WTA's Bellingham Station, or visit the reception desk at WTA's main office.


WTA's Vetera​n Card

With this card, veteran's pay a reduced cash fare on WTA's fixed route buses. With this card, veterans can also purchase bus passes at a reduced rate. To get WTA's Veteran Card, they need to present the following to a Customer Service Representative.


  • Veteran Health Identification Card (VHIC)

  • DD214​

Reduced Fare or "Select" Passes

To purchase a reduced fare single ride or pass you must present one of the following:

  • WTA Reduced Fare Card 

  • Proof of age. Must be 65 or older

  • Reduced Fare Card from another transit system

  • Regional Reduced Fare Permit

  • Medicare Card


Reduced Fare - Single Ride
​Fixed Routes (except 80X)​$0.50
​Route 80X between two counties
​​Route 80X between one county​$0.50


Reduc​ed Fare and "Select"​ - Passes
​Skagit-Whatcom Day Pass​​$3
"Select" 31-D​ay Pass$15
County Co​nnect​​or 31-d​ay Pass$25
"Select" 92-Day Pass$45