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Vanpool vans are currently available!

Vanpools allow groups of people to lease a WTA-owned passenger van for the purpose of commuting to a common location.  In this way, vanpoolers share the costs of commuting, including fuel, maintenance, insurance and wear and tear.  Unlike a carpool, no one puts miles on their own vehicle.  Fares are based on the number of miles traveled each month and cover all costs for operating the van. 

Current WTA vanpools include those traveling to Regence in Burlington, Boeing in Everett, BP at Cherry Point, Heath Tecna near Barkley Village in Bellingham, Skagit Hospital in Mt Vernon, and Tesoro in Anacortes.&nbsp. Call 788-9312 for information on how you can join an existing vanpool. 

WTA staff can also help you form a new vanpool.  To start a vanpool you need a minimum of five riders including several who are willing to drive.  Vanpool drivers must have good driving records. We provide driver orientation and serve as your contact regarding vehicle maintenance and other details. 

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions.  If you have other questions, or a group of interested riders, give us a call at 752-4596. 

Note:  some employers encourage vanpooling by offering financial incentives to their employees.  Check with your Human Resources department. 

WTA now supports the payment of vanpool fares online via credit or debit cards.

Pay Vanpool Fares Online

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