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How to Ride


Here are some quick tips for first-time riders:

  • Arrive at your bus stop a few minutes early.
  • If you have a bike, place the bike on the rack before boarding the bus.  Click here for details on how to load your bike.
  • Board the bus at the front door.  Use the rear door to exit.
  • Have your fare or pass ready as you step on the bus.
  • Bus fare is $1.00. You’ll need exact change as drivers do not carry cash.
  • Drop coins or tokens in the small slot in the top of the box by the driver or insert your bill into the feeder.
  • If you have a bus pass, turn it so the magnetic strip is facing you and at the bottom.  Slide from right to left in the slot marked for passes.
  • Pull the cord to let the driver know you need to get off at the next stop.
  • If you are unsure which stop you want, just ask the driver!
  • WTA is happy to help you with route and schedule information. Call (360) 676-RIDE (7433) to speak with our friendly customer service representatives.
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