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Flex & Zone Service

The WTA operates FLEX routes and ZONE SERVICE in the rural and remote parts of Whatcom County (click here to see map). These services are available to everyone (as opposed to Paratransit, where you must pre-qualify).

FLEX routes serve the general public on a regular schedule at normal bus stops, but the bus can also travel off-route within specific boundaries when riders make advance reservations. FLEX reservations must be made at least two hours before the requested bus is scheduled to depart. Since seating is limited, we recommend calling a day (or up to a week) ahead for the best service.

FLEX routes connect people in three parts of Whatcom County with Bellingham and locations on the way to Bellngham. The areas are:
1) Blaine/Birch Bay area via Ferndale to Bellis Fair, Route 55
2) Everson/Nooksack/Sumas to Bellis Fair, Route 71X
3) Kendall/Mt. Baker Highway to Bellingham Station, Route 72X

ZONE SERVICE connects the general public from the other less-populated parts of Whatcom County to the main transit centers in Bellingham. The service is limited to certain days of the week and connects people from the outlying areas into Bellingham at the main transit centers. Our ability to handle a particular trip request depends on other reservations and how well they fit together. Riders who have ADA-eligible disabilities can use WTA's Paratransit in Bellingham.

To view a map of our ZONE SERVICE area, please click here.
Please call up to a week ahead to reserve your ride and no later than two hours before bus departs.

(360) 733-1144– Reservations and Information
(360) 676-6844–Teletype User (TTY) Access

Please call: –between 7:00a.m.and 5:00p.m. on Weekdays
–between 9:00a.m. and 5:00p.m. on Weekends and Holidays

Please help us help you and call in your request up to a week ahead. Doing so helps us make better schedules. Avoid last minute calls if you can.

Wheelchair Accessible
WTA vehicles are wheelchair accessible (except for a few kept as emergency backup). If you plan to use a wheelchair or other mobility aid, please inform us when making your reservation so we can reserve the space, and so the driver will be prepared to assist you.

Riders who have completed the ADA eligibility process may use FLEX or ZONE SERVICE to travel to Bellingham. Connections from the transit centers can be scheduled in advance with Paratransit to destinations within the ADA service area. You can also check the WTA Paratransit Rider's Guide for complete details on this service.

Cancellations & No-Shows
If your plans change and you do not need your ride, please call to cancel at least one hour before your earliest pickup time. The WTA does enforce a No-Show policy which can result in suspension of service when riders habitually fail to inform us of changes to ride reservations.

Bike Racks
Bike racks are currently available on FLEX buses. Please remember some FLEX buses are smaller and have limited space for bikes. Call for more information.

Rides for these services are the same price as regular bus fare ($1.00 cash or valid pass). Reduced Fare Cards are valid only on fixed route, Zone Service, or FLEX service (not on Paratransit).

Call (360) 733-1144 for more information or to arrange a ride.

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