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Fares: What’s New

We’re introducing our new Day Pass

Effective February 1, 2015

  • Our $3 Day Pass gives you unlimited rides, until midnight on the day you buy it
  • Get it onboard the bus by telling the driver you’re buying a Day Pass, and feeding your $3 into the farebox
  • Remember you need exact change, as our drivers can’t make change for you
  • The Day Pass is not valid on Route 80X to Mt. Vernon

WTA offers reduced fares to veterans.

Effective January 2, 2015

Veterans who present ID to a Customer Service Representative will receive a Reduced Fare Card. Presenting this card to the bus driver gets them a 50% cash discount (bringing the cash fare from $1 to 50 cents). The Reduced Fare Card also entitles veterans to a discounted bus pass (bringing the cost for a monthly pass from $25 to $13).

We require one of the following forms of identification:

  • DD-214
  • VA Medical/ID card
  • DD Form 2 ID card
  • DD Form 2765 ID card

Fare Changes on Route 80X between Bellingham and Mt. Vernon

Effective January 2, 2015

What new products will be available?

WTA and Skagit Transit will sell a NEW County Connector 31-day pass for $50 ($25 for youth,
students, or reduced fare riders). Riders with this pass can ride Route 80X, Skagit’s Route 90X, all Skagit Transit local service, and all WTA local service.

A new day pass, the Skagit-Whatcom day pass, will be sold by WTA and Skagit Transit for $6.
Riders with this pass can ride Route 80X, all Skagit Transit local service, and all WTA local service. It cannot be used on Skagit’s Route 90X.

Is the cash fare changing?

NO, the cash fare for Route 80X will remain $2 when traveling between counties and $1 when
traveling within one county. The reduced fare will remain at 50% of the general fare.

These are the only forms of payment accepted on Route 80X:

  • Cash
  • Skagit-Whatcom Day Passes
  • County Connector 31-day Passes
  • WWU student passes
  • WWU staff and faculty passes
  • SVC student passes with valid sticker
  • Gold cards
  • Riders under 8 ride free
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