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WTA seeks your comments on several proposed changes to our Fare Rates and Rules.


Here is a summary of the major changes.

What we are proposing:

  • to offer a Day Pass ($3), with unlimited rides until midnight on the day you first use it.
  • to offer an 11-ride ticket ($10).
  • to offer a County Connector Day Pass ($6), 31-day Pass ($50) and 31-day Youth/Student/Reduced Pass ($25).
  • o New! These would be valid on Route 80X. They would also be valid on WTA and Skagit Transit local service, plus Skagit Transit’s Route 90X between Mt. Vernon and Everett.
    o We would accept ONLY the County Connector Pass and Day Pass on Route 80X. (We wouldn’t accept other passes from WTA, Skagit or WWU)
  • We would continue to accept cash on Route 80X.
  • to introduce Smart Cards.
  • o A Smart Card is a card that can store more than one pass product at a time. It can be reused for up to five years.
    o Riders would “load” pass products onto their Smart Cards.
    o We would charge $2 for Smart Cards.
    o We would replace (for free) registered Smart Cards if lost, stolen or damaged and transfer remaining passes and rides onto the new card.
  • to replace calendar passes with “rolling start” passes. For example, a 31-Day Pass would be good for 31 days from the day you first use it.
  • to distinguish between Youth passes (8 through 18) and Student passes (enrolled in college or university).
  • Youth would only need to verify their date of birth once and would remain eligible until their 19th birthday.
  • to stop selling tokens. We would still accept tokens through December of 2015.


We are not proposing a fare increase.

  • Cash fare would remain $1.
  • Pass prices would stay the same.
  • Cash fare on Route 80X would remain $2 for two-county service, $1 for service within one county. Note: see previous page regarding the proposed County Connector Pass.

Changes would go into effect no sooner than September 2014.

Proposed Fare Rates and Rules (PDF)

Rider Alert - Public Hearing (PDF)

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