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 Bulk Discount Bus Pass Program

With WTA’s Bulk Pass Discount Program, employers can offer quarterly bus passes to their employees for 25-75% off the regular price.

Any company with 15 or more employees is eligible for the program. Companies with fewer than 15 employees can participate through approved membership organizations.

Your discount depends on the size of your employee group and the percentage of employees who participate.

What are the benefits to employers?

Your employees will appreciate the savings, and the support you demonstrate for commute trip alternatives.

We’ll work with you to design a promotional and educational campaign to help employees make more of their trips by bus.

Participating employees will be eligible for three Emergency Rides Home per year. Click here for details.

How to Get Started:

1. Determine your discount based on number of employees and rate of participation (see chart below).
2. Designate a single point-of-contact at your company. This person will be responsible for receiving and distributing passes, paying invoices, etc.
3. Survey your employees. WTA will provide a brief pre- and post-survey to monitor the success of the program (required).
4. Sign a contract. Though the contract is annual, you may end your participation at the conclusion of any calendar quarter.

1. Discounts apply only to general public adult fare quarterly passes.
2. Passes are for employee use only (not transferable to friends or family members).
3. If you choose to sell passes to your employees (rather than purchase them and provide them for free), the sale price must not be greater than your cost.
4. Unused passes cannot be returned or refunded.

Bulk Discount Bus Pass Program Table

                       Percent of Participation

# of Employees






75% discount

60% discount

40% discount

35% discount


70% discount

55% discount

35% discount

30% discount


65% discount

50% discount

30% discount

25% discount

Thank you to our WTA Business Partners!  WTA welcomes the City of Bellingham, Saturna Capital and Whatcom Community College as our newest Bulk Discount Pass Program participants.


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