Riding WTA to Westernhttp://www.ridewta.com/Lists/Notices/DispForm.aspx?ID=120Riding WTA to Western<div class="ExternalClassCB51F23D30834D4F9C903134C2AB74D3"><p>​Welcome Back to School!</p><p><a href="/types-of-service/fixed-route/wwu" title="Short video and tips about service to Western">Here's</a> a short video and some key facts about riding the bus to Western. </p><div><ul><li>Have your pass ready to swipe, as soon as you board.</li><li>Sometimes full buses will pass you by. When this happens, another will be coming shortly, to pick you up. Thank you for your patience! </li><li>When it's "standing room only," move all the way to the back of the bus, to make room for others. Taking off your backpack helps too.</li><li>Several of our bus stops are within a 10- to 12-minute walk to your destination. Consider walking, rather than waiting and riding.</li><li>Seats near the front are priority seating for older riders and riders with disabilities. </li><li>After you exit the bus, wait for it to pull away, before you cross the street. Do NOT cross in front!</li><li>Unsure about how to load your bike on the bus? Ride to Bellingham Station or Cordata Station. You can practice while the bus is waiting for its next run. </li><li>Got questions? Drivers are happy to help you. Just ask!</li></ul></div><p><br></p></div>




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